Are you feeling “stuck” in your job; low wages for your very hard work.  You see no room for advancement; and you don’t believe that your boss is even qualified to be your boss?


​This book is specifically for those who are thinking of getting a CDL, as well as trainees who are currently in a CDL training program and CDL Permit holders who are unsure of your next steps to a successful career and wealth building.  This book  is a "must have" for direction and guidance.  


The transportation industry is attracting more women in this male-dominated industry.  Women are under-represented as truck drivers and make up only 6% of the big rig drivers in the transportation industry today.


Did you know that active retirees can also enjoy nationwide travel and a lucrative career as a CDL driver?  Statistics show that the average CDL driver is 58 years young and it is a second career!  That's right.  Your earning potential is unlimited without affecting your Social Security benefits.  Check it out.


​Forget what you’ve “heard” about trucking.  Find out for yourself.  This is not your granddaddy’s transportation industry anymore.  We’re computerized and we’re driving smart trucks now -- as in automatics! 


​My challenge to you is this: If all of those people on the cover of this book got their CDL, then why can’t you?


During times of peace, pandemics, and natural disasters, truckers are considered "essential" by the U.S. Government.  Without truckers, America stops rolling.


The author of this book is a Certified Mentor & Career adviser for one of the nation's leading transportation  companies.  She is a Million Miles Safe Driver.  She is a consultant, giving leadership to a think-tank incubator for transportation solutions, as well as transportation business development.


Makes a great gift any time of the year!


ISBN 9781633186057

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