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Riding A Ferry in My 53-foot Tractor Trailer


I was traveling from Vermont to New York. When I was driving in Charlotte, VT, I found myself on a road that lead to a ferry. That ferry would ultimately take me to Essex, NY. A ferry attendee beckoned me to drive onto the ferry to go across. Who knew that a 53-foot tractor trailer could board a ferry to go across Lake Champlain? The journey across the river was only 2.9 miles and it took approximately 35 minutes, but what an exciting journey it was.

There were three rows of mixed vehicles to include two 53-ft. tractor trailers. It was one of the most surprising and exciting times of my life. The views of the Adirondack and Green Mountains were gorgeous. When we got to Essex, NY, the ferry attendees were very much in control as they guided one row of vehicles after another to safely get off of the ferry. I will always remember that day and the excitement of riding across Lake Champlain in a tractor trailer on a ferry. I hope you enjoy the pics.

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