READ THIS BEFORE YOU ENROLL IN ANY CDL PROGRAM OR CHAT WITH ANY RECRUITER. This CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK was written specifically for: 1. Those considering a CDL career. 2. Those currently in a CDL training program. 3. Ex-offenders seeking a CDL career. There are three main reasons why people fail when attempting to get a CDL. 1. They do not understand the process. 2. They do not meet the qualifications. 3. They do not understand the personal sacrifices that are required. The good news is this does not have to be your outcome. There is help. It’s called the CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK. This workbook is especially designed to contribute to your success by helping you avoid the pitfalls associated with getting a CDL.

The CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK will help you understand the major expectations of being a credentialed trucker. It will guide your decision-making process when choosing a CDL career and when choosing a top-rated CDL driver training academy. The CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK also provides you with important questions to ask a CDL recruiter. It describes homelife sacrifices as a CDL driver. It also helps you understand the disqualifications that can impact your ability to get your CDL. If you are an Ex-offender, it is very possible for you to obtain a CDL.

The CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK contains valuable information to help Ex-offenders get on the path to a CDL career. You no longer have to do endless searches for Ex-offender information on obtaining a CDL nor waste valuable time and money in a program that does not lead anywhere. To maximize your CDL preparation, education and training, the CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK is designed to be used with the book titled: CDL SUCCESS: HOW TO GET LICENSED & PROSPER AS A CDL DRIVER.

CDL driver training academies in the United States will benefit from the educational content that the CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK and CDL SUCCESS: HOW TO GET LICENSED & PROSPER AS A CDL DRIVER will bring to training and licensure programs to increase CDL driver success as it relates to recruitment and retention.

The CDL CAREER ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK contains a valuable bonus that will give you a head start in any CDL driver training program in the United States. Other dynamic books by the Author below: 1. CDL SUCCESS: HOW TO GET LICENSED & PROSPER AS A CDL DRIVER (Paperback and eBook); 2. CDL LOAD ORGANIZER. 3. MY JOURNAL OF CHALLENGES & VICTORIES: A REFLECTIVE JOURNAL FOR MEN. 4. MY SUPER POWER: A DAILY JOURNAL TO SELF-CONFIDENCE.

The Author kindly thanks you in advance for any purchases that you make and any Customer Reviews that you provide; very much appreciated. For more info click here.

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