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Zoom Conference Call

Aluva Compensation Plan Explained

Our Compensation Plan combines the best the industry has to offer into one easy plan that rewards you for your personal and team efforts.

Aluva Compensation Plan Explained
Aluva Compensation Plan Explained

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Zoom Conference Call

About the event

The Aluva Compensation Plan offers: 

  • Low cost of entry
  • 1-to-1 CV to payout ratio
  • Daily Commission payouts
  • Dividend bonuses to infinity
  • Nearly50% commission payout
  • Exciting competitions and trips

The thing that I like most about the compensation plan is that I only need to bring in 4 people.  Then I will help my 4 people get their 4 people, and so on.  Growing a team is always fun when there is help to build the team.  Team building increases residual income.  

I am available to answer your questions.


Direct:  (757) 570-7958

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