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  • Assist Females In Getting a CDL

  • Ex-Offenders and Trucking

  • Business Formation (LLC, INC)

  • DOT & FMCSA Registration

  • FMCSA Authority

  • Insurance Requirements

  • MC/DOT Numbers

  • BOC3 Filing

  • DOT Safety Audit

  • IFTA Fuel Tax Registration

  • State & Federal Compliance

  • Truck Business Website

  • And Much More!!!

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Listen Up Truckers.
Health Is


I am a million miles safe driver.  In driving those miles my health began to suffer.  It was subtle. It was always about grab a quick bite (choke and go) to get the load picked up or delivered.  Then one day, the aches and pains started, a little here and there, along with indigestion and an overall fatigue feeling.  I knew that I had to do something if I was going to stay in trucking and keep my CDL.  Let me help you avoid the pitfalls that I fell into.

View these
VERY SHORT video infomercials below about the products that are helping Truckers and people around the world to take control of their health.  The videos are self-explanatory.  Connect with me to enjoy Member product discounts.

Arming Our Immune System For Survival

In today's post-COVID environment, why would you not do everything humanly possible at your fingertips to protect yourself and your children?  
FACTS:  We cannot rely on our government to protect our health nor can we rely on the conflicting information from the CDC (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention).  

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 Product Samples Available Upon Request

Join My Winning
Residual Team

At Aluva we believe in keeping it simple.  Our compensation plan combines the best the industry has to offer into one easy plan that rewards you for your personal and team efforts.
Low cost of entry
1-to-1 CV to payout ratio
Daily commission payouts
Dividend bonuses to infinity
Nearly 50% commission payout
Exciting competitions and trips

If you understand "residual income" and the various modes of networking, to include social media, then I want you on my winning team today!!!  Our market is not saturated!!!  
We're waiting on YOU!!!

Questions Email:
Become An Affiliate click:  Cynthia

Event Date:  August 25, 2022 @ 2pm EST
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