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Cynthia A. Robertson is an Author and a Certified Driver Mentor and Career Adviser for one of the United States' leading transportation companies.  She is a million miles safe driver and an owner operator. 


She has a decade of personal, first-hand experience of "life on the road," as well as a working knowledge of the problems severely impacting the U.S. transportation industry in the nature of driver recruitment and driver retention. 

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The Transition to the Money!
From Trucking to Forex -- Money On Steroids

     After a couple of years of having success as a CDL driver (featured above), growing my savings, and traveling across the country, I began to take a serious look at my future.  I didn't plan on being a CDL driver forever.

  • What would be my end game in trucking? 

  • What would be my exit strategy?


     I began to think about ways I could still bring in the level of income I was generating through trucking and be off the road. Well, after a few years of searching for that post-trucking "financial freedom,"  it just didn't seem possible. Everything I looked at meant I would have to give up thousands of dollars, which I was not prepared to do.

     Fast-forward a few years, another trucker invited me to listen in on a financial call.  When I did, I knew I had finally found my post-trucking niche to the financial freedom I wanted to continue to enjoy. So, I want to share this opportunity with you. Be clear that I am not trying to sell you on anything.  I am not an expert. I want to share with you because you may be struggling with seeking answers to becoming financially free or maintaining your financial freedom like I was. You may be looking for a way to transition off the road.

     Understand that to achieve the financial freedom you are seeking, it may require you to educate yourself on a new skillset. 

  • Did I ever think that I could learn how to trade Forex or read a trading chart? No.

  • Did I ever think that I could make money trading Forex while I was learning the new skillset?  No. 

  • Did I ever think that I would have a real business in trading Forex and helping others become Independent Business Owners?  No. 

  • Most of all, did I ever think that I could surpass the money that I earned in trucking and not be driving every day on the road? No, No, No.

     I know that some of you all may be in a tight situation financially and maybe you are not working right now.  But imagine because you decide to learn this skillset over the next 30, 60, 90 days or more, you learned enough that you would never have to go back to work? Can you imagine where we would be if we had learned this skillset when we were kids?  After you watch the two videos below, I believe you will be motivated to take action in some way.  Inaction, will beg the question "what will you become" post whatever you are currently doing.  

Trading Forex...IS NOT HARD...It's Just New

Trade Forex or Be An Independent Business Owner
Which Opportunity is Right For You?

Cynthia's Academy Website  ID #3105491

Academy Contents:

ELITE Academy, FRX Academy, HFX Academy,
DCX Academy, CEX Academy, IBO Academy,
GoLIVE Education Platform, Trading Strategies, and much more. 

"Copy and past" instruction from professional 6- and 7-figure traders guide

you through executing live trades while you learn (earn while you learn).

     Question 1: In the past 10 years, of all of the money that has flowed through your   bank account, how much money have you made on it?


     Question 2:  Do you see value in learning this skillset? Do you see yourself making money with this opportunity?


     Question 3:  What if there was a skill that could teach you how to multiply your money from your smartphone, and you were able to keep 100% of the profit, would you want to know about it?  Once you learn this skillset, it's yours for the rest of your life.



You don't fail in life because of a lie that was told to you.
You typically fail in life because someone told you the truth
and you just chose not to believe it. (
David Imonitie)

Let me show you how to Be Your Own Bank:


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FRX: Manny Q @ 8 AM
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FRX: Manny Q @ 8 AM
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HFX: Chris Lopez @ 9 AM

FRX: Lee Allen @ 9 AM

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Dive Into Personal Growth & Self-Development

Ever Said, "All I Need Is a Chance?"
Well Now, Here is Your Chance!

     The impact of the Carona Virus upon our emotional and financial lives has been devastating to many. Some people will not recover without a financial lifeline such as is being offered. Prayerfully consider your next financial decision. Your very survival could depend on it. Special "thank you" to Christopher Terry for
IM Academy.

Cynthia, help me to get started in Forex or become an IBO. Show me how can I get my training for Free.



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